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What does WebProsperity Do?

Posted by donna on March 27, 2009

Now that is a very simple yet very important question to answer before you get too involved with any new program.  What does it do?

I put a video on my team training site. Please go and see it here.


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WebProsperity is Free Again

Posted by donna on February 26, 2009

Way to GO WebProsperity!

Is Free To Join! AGAIN

COOL.  It is a good way for newbies to get started. SLOWLY.

The  new membership level to Web Prosperity is totally free.

Of course you have fewer tools and benefits but it is still possible to start out making money.

You can earn up to an earnings cap of $2500 / month with this free level.

Free methods usually take the longest and require the most work but it can be a safe place to start.

Go here for more information about the Free WebProsperity Affiliate Status .

Or click here to Join Web Prosperity.

We’ve got training for you and the main company has training, so choose your style and learn to earn.

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Web Prosperity Testimonial

Posted by donna on February 8, 2009

I know you have seen this guy online!

Stone Evans

On average, for every 1 person I’ve referred to Web Prosperity, 14 more have joined. That’s amazing! And what it says is that success in WebProsperity isn’t just for the guru or seasoned marketer… Everyone can win and win big with Web Prosperity.

My organization has grown to thousands of motivated members very fast and now I’m positioned to earn a huge passive commission check every month simply because I listened carefully then I was introduced to this opportunity and I took action.

More importantly, the same thing is already happening for hundreds of others on my team. This is the true hallmark of success – when everyone wins.

When the right product at the right price and the right payplan come to the market fortunes are made and lives are changed… This is what’s happening with Web Prosperity and many of the thousands of people who have become members already.

I highly recommend Web Prosperity to anyone who wants to cash in on the Internet gold rush from home.

Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

So if you like what you read and trust people who lead and prosper,

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WebProsperity-What do you need to know?

Posted by donna on January 15, 2009

WebProsperity – What You Don’t Know About WebProsperity Could Hurt You
Daniel McGonagle

Before Joining Web Prosperity, there are some things you should know.

#1 – Who are you going to join under, who will your sponsor be?

Picking a sponsor for any type of MLM program like WebProsperity is almost as crucial to your success as the validity and sustainability of the program itself. If you pick a sponsor who doesn’t have the capabilities to train you and the rest of his/her team, then you’re going to be facing an uphill battle with your average MLM program.

Not everyone has a big list they can mail out to, so when a sponsor tells you they’re team is growing super-fast and to get in now, well, they’re correct in saying that, but also wrong.

The average sponsor wants you to get in sooner rather than later so you can enjoy their spillover referrals, but if you join later, after taking a week or two to decide whether or not you want to join for free, then you’re slipping further and further down in the referral system and matrix. Therefore you’ll be susceptible to less spillover because you’ll have less knowledgeable marketers above you in your downline. This is typical of MLM programs, where it’s usually the fast movers who benefit the most.

So my point here is that you need to pick a sponsor who can help you increase your downlines and referrals without a list.

Let’s face facts here. Not everyone has a list, or even a responsive list, so getting new referrals will be the main issue facing not only the johnny-come-latelys of the MLM world, but it is also an issue for those who signed up right away.

#2- The second thing that could hurt you about joining WebProsperity or any other MLM program.

Does your team or sponsor have a plan for doing group marketing? Is there any plans in store for co-operative solo ad mailings or co-operative PPC campaigns?

As I mentioned earlier, MLM programs and MLM teams are only as good as the sustainability of the team, it’s members, and the program itself.

In this Web Prosperity Review you’ll notice that I’ve been burned by MLM programs in the past, even while doing pretty well with them, so I know that management and helping team members succeed is the ultimate way to ensure that everyone in your team succeeds.

My predictions are already coming true about this. There are a lot of people who are somewhat new or inexperienced with marketing on the internet who are merely trying to figure out what it is they really want to to online. Then, when they realize that a good opportunity is sitting in front of them, they don’t know what to do first.

If and when they decide to take action, what is to be done first, build a site, a squeeze page, write autoresponder messages, get backlinks to their new site, find a good blog theme for their site etc…

Then, when the momentum gets going for them the experience some learning curve hiccups and push themselves to overcome those. And when all is said and done, they worked their butt off for 2-3 days just to get 5 or 6 signups.

When it comes to getting in on hot new launches, it pays to be a first mover. However, the success or failure of your team depends on your team, especially with MLM programs like WebProsperity. If you don’t take care of your team and help them do more good things right away, then your base will suffer, and if your base suffers, then the team leader will start to see some attrition rates, and then the program starts to lose its steam.

This is why I am not a big fan of MLM programs. It seems to draw out the hype-driven ads and emails and blog posts, while it’s the “newbies” who are left holding the bad trying to prop up the leaders.

The typical leaders will smugly state they got 150 signups in 2 days, and it might be true of they had a list or knew how to slap together a real nice page for promotion via PayPerclick marketing prior to the launch.

Do you know what happens to the cost of the Google Adwords clicks once everyone starts using PPC to advertise their sites?

Well, the price goes up and up because everyone is trying to outbid each other for top spots. So when the cost per click goes up and the launch has already passed, we all know that the conversion rate for new signups is highest while the hype is still overwhelming, so after the launch, the newcomer to the downline is faced with higher PPC costs for clicks going to pages that don’t convert as well as they used to.

Maybe that sounds like a negative way of looking at things, but that’s exactly what happens before, during, and after product launches, especially with new MLM launches like WebProsperity.

The best thing for team leaders to do is to be conscious about what they say to their team members.

As a team leader you should teach your team members how to build sites of their own and not just try to promote the program via their affiliate link. A lot of these MLM programs and network marketing programs offer their people self-replicated sites to promote.

What makes people succeed in business, especially online businesses?

One good way to succeed is to differentiate yourself from everyone else so you stand out. The MLM leaders you see promoting via Pay-per-click are using custom-made pages they created themselves and they can also boast that they have the hottest team in the program, like anyone can verify that.

The point is they got on board early knowing full well what they were going to do. Once an MLM leader decides to promote a program, they go full-bore with it, and hopefully start helping their team members afterwards.

The best thing for team members to do is realize they won’t get 200 signups in a day unless they have a list or incredible pay-per-click marketing and copywriting skills.

My suggestion to those who are involved with the WebProsperity product launch or any other program launch for that matter, is to ascertain where you are in the food chain.

  • Are you a leader helping others? Then remember to have a plan for your team to succeed.
  • Are you brand new and don’t know where to start to get sign-ups of your own? Well, hopefully you have a leader that will help you out with that.
  • Are you halfway in between and just need a little help? This is the category that most people fall into. You can probably build a site and have seen enough marketing promotion on the web to do fairly well for yourself. With a little help and advertising and promotion, you will succeed with any program you work on.

Daniel McGonagle is an entrepreneur, marketing coach, and business consultant. His blog at http://danielmcgonagle.name one of the most down-to-earth, non sales pitchy type of blog you will see today. It’s pure content.

Article Source:


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WebProsperity’s Autoresponder?

Posted by donna on January 13, 2009

The big question I had was about the autoresponder. Will it substitute for my existing one?

Most MLM programs will only allow you to email to your contacts about their program. Since WebProsperity has a major partner with Implix, the GetResponse people, it lead our team to ask:

Will we get a fully functional autoresponder? Will this allow us to post to our own contacts about our own businesses and actually USE the tools of WebProsperity to prosper in our own business?

This is the question we asked. This is the answer we received. Emphasis is mine.

(2009-01-13 08:57:45) WebProsperity:
WebProsperity Contact was build (sic) using GetResponse’s
technology. However, some features are limited or are
not available here as well as they depend on the
package you buy (Premium or Elite).

The responder can be used for promoting your own
however there is no such feature as
saving subscribers in groups and sending broadcasts
to them. You will be able to send the broadcasts
to your downline only.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,
I’ll be happy to help.
WebProsperity Member Services

Feel free to ask them the questions you have too. Use the contact us form at the bottom of the main page.

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WebProsperity Listings on Google

Posted by donna on January 10, 2009

Have you seen the number of WebProsperity Listings on Google? 

 Do you ever wonder if people can run out of words to say about something?

THIS Launch is incredible and making all sorts of internet history. Whether you believe it is hype or not, you can have something to say and someone else wants to hear it. It is YOUR STORY that counts and it is YOUR WebProsperity that makes the difference.  MORE than 8 million listings in Google. I am not even sure what that means.

Go and take a look at the Products and Services involved. And be sure to join a team with good leaders like mine.  

WebProsperity Product Walkthrough

  1. WebProsperity Contact
  2. WebProsperity Media
  3. WebProsperity Meeting
  4. WebProsperity Address Book
  5. WebProsperity Calendar
  6. WebProsperity Finder

Here’s a brief walk-through that will give you a better idea of what to expect when the floodgates open on January 13th at 12 Noon New York/EST time (9 AM Pacific, 5 PM UK time, 6 PM Europe). If you are in Asia or Australia, due to the timezone difference that will be January 14th for you (1 AM Hong Kong/Singapore, 2 AM Tokyo, 4 AM Sydney).

Sign up NOW during the F R E E    Pre Launch  to secure a better position in my matrix. 

I look forward to working with you.

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Extended Launch Time

Posted by donna on January 6, 2009

In response to member and future member requests, David D’archangelo greeted the Thousands of WebProsperity Founders today with the announcement that there will be 6 more days of FREE signups allowed.

FOLKS. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. A launch is a launch. But this is a Pre launch and now a launch and then a post launch.

There are more than 62,000 people signed up FREE.

Pay attention,
the free signup is designed to give you a good position in the mlm part of the program. You WILL still pay monthly for your services here. HOWEVER. Compare the cost of services here with the costs of services obtained separately and you find a HUGE savings. PLUS the ongoing growth of the program ensures a steady flow of 67% commissions on products you are already using.

So, go … and Build your team. Get your leaders in place.

I made a short slide show, and will try to show it here.


View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: webprosperityweb prosperity)

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WebProsperity and 50,000 members

Posted by donna on January 6, 2009

Less than 7 hours to launch. So JOIN now while you can still get in FREE on a productive team. This is an incredible online event.

BE THERE at NOON EST on Jan 6th.

Join Now or You will never know

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WebProsperity is Making History

Posted by donna on January 4, 2009

WebProsperity is in the process of Making History on the Internet!
with Over 37,000 Sign Ups and Counting!

AND the Launch is Still coming… Jan 6th.

What can that mean for your business?

  • Learning how to use marketing tools will increase your income.
    Learning how to be a marketer will be the next step.
    Saving money by using professional marketing tools in a way that saves you money is good business.
  • Joining WebProsperity while it is free during pre-launch makes good business sense.

WebProsperity combines the strength of an MLM distribution system with the power of excellent marketing tools used daily by most marketers.  

 All at an affordable price.    Actually the cost will be less then the tools cost by themselves.

 Want to know more before you join?  Take a look here. 

 Ready to be a part of  MY Team ?  JOIN WEBPROSPERITY HERE

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WebProsperity BlogTalk on Radio Today

Posted by donna on January 3, 2009

WebProsperity is big and getting bigger. It launches Jan 6th.

If you are following the pre-launch activity of WebProsperity want to know more before you sign onto this new program go here and listen to the downloaded Radio talk about it that happened just this morning.


WebProsperity Call with Dan, Kevin, and Warner..

Anthony Whyms from the Blog Talk Radio show “Internet Marketing Today” arranged for a NON-HYPED informational call about WebProsperity

In this information call about WebProsperity we talk about why all of us non-MLM types are excited about WebProsperity.     

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